More Than a Fine Jewelry Company

We create inspiring fine jewelry. At AWE, we believe jewelry is a vehicle for self empowerment. We’ve designed all of our collections with that in mind.

Our Medallion

AWE Inspired jewelry is anchored by the AWE Medallion. Its four teardrops represent the blood, sweat and tears (of sorrow and joy) that define each survivor’s journey. Wearing AWE signals to the world that you’re stronger because of your experience and connects you to a larger community while giving back to your fellow survivors.


Our Founder

Jill Johnson, a three-time cancer survivor, founded AWE Inspired in 2016 to create inspiring fine jewelry that celebrates women’s strength and resilience. Each piece carries a powerful message to remind us of our strength, to encourage us to be bold and empowered, and to lead us to be our best selves. Her 27 years of experience as a sought-after importer, manufacturer, and wholesaler to the jewelry trade, combined with her passion to empower and unite a larger community, are what set this line of meaningful fine jewelry apart.


Our Products

Everyday jewelry, elevated. AWE Inspired pieces are crafted from precious metals and ethically sourced gemstones. Designed to last a lifetime, each piece is as meaningful as it is stunning.


Our Gifts

AWE Inspired jewelry is a gift as thoughtful as it is beautiful. When you gift AWE Inspired pieces, you’re sharing a reminder of the power, inspiration, strength, and beauty of each day. And each gift gives back: Every time you buy a piece of AWE, we will donate 20% to a charity of your choosing.

Each gift is elegantly wrapped in signature packaging.



We donate 20 percent of all AWE sales to one of four national partner charities, all selected because they directly impact those in need of assistance on their road to survival. You may choose a preferred charity at checkout.

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  • "Choose AWE as a lifelong symbol of strength, which is everlasting and powerful by design!"

  • "Made from precious metals, these delicate and stylish pieces will elevate any look and give back to incredible causes!"

  • "Wearing AWE signals to the world you are stronger because of your experience."

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  • "Jill Johnson makes jewelry a vehicle
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  • "The AWE signet ring ups the style
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  • "Meet a jewelry brand on a bigger mission."

  • "A minimal gold necklace is always a good idea, especially when it posesses a special meaning."

  • "Add this stunning signet ring, a symbol of strength, hope, and resilience to your everyday arm party."

  • "Jill Johnson is one of the few who has managed to turn her struggles into a opportunity to give back."

The thing I value most in life is:

Family and loyalty

Love and companionship

The pursuit of knowledge

Faith and strong morals

Freedom and individuality

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When I “take my seat at the table” with men I tend to,

Use my femininity as an asset

Play the game of masculinity better than they can

Persistently advocate for equal treatment

Assert my dominance

Contribute with wisdom and rational thought

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When I’m struggling to accomplish a goal, I will:

Lean on my family for support: I always have their back and they always have mine

Seek guidance from my partner: our love is unconditional

Research the answer: I leverage the expertise of others to guide my decision-making

Find the strength within myself: I know I am my best advocate and have the power within me to succeed

Turn to my girlfriends for advice: their loyalty has never failed me

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The women I most admire are:

Wise and eloquent: they use their wisdom and skill to command respect

Confident and sexually empowered: they see beauty in femininity and use it to their advantage

Hardworking and persistent: the know that determination and hard work pays off

Kind and selfless: they often put others before themselves

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When someone wrongs me, my family, or my friends I will:

Seek revenge: nobody gets away with harming me or my loved ones

Confront this person directly: I deserve an explanation and resolution

Ignore this person: karma will get them in the end

Ask if they need help: they are probably hurting

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My friends would describe me as:

A badass bitch

Wise & thoughtful

Strong and fearless

Loyal and loving

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Choose a quote you relate to most:

“Family over everything.”

“Never doubt your instincts.”

“Truth is powerful and it always prevails.”

“Love is giving someone the power to destroy you, and trusting them not to.”

“It feels so good to be bad.”

“Persistance pays off.”

“Fearlessness is limitless.”

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